Sunday, September 19, 2010

Way better than United. Even in Business Class. Seriously.

I've been traveling a ton lately. After riding several different aircraft, my previous suspicions have been confirmed:

Blackhawk is the only way to fly.


Dakota said...

Lest anyone think I'm trying to pass myself off as a Blackhawk gunner: obviously I'm not nearly that cool. That photo was taken by me, leaning over the gunner's shoulder.

And for the record: any aircraft you get to ride in with the windows open is officially a-ok by me.

Matt said...

I have seen quite a few pictures taken from aircraft over Afghanistan... and that picture might beat them all.

Rachel C said...

Wow. That is badass.

dara said...

You are hot. that's all I have to say:)
keep writing, im reading.

Dara said...

I was going to comment on how much I enjoy your blog when I saw the above comment. And may I say how unbelievably EXTRAORDINARY it is that you have attracted TWO Dara's to reading your blog? I have personally only ever met one other Dara, so let me tell you; it is pretty darn extraordinary.
You do well making your experiences in Afghanistan come alive. I will take the FSOT soon, so I enjoy getting the glimpses of your life over there.